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Tanto signed and dated .

In shirasaya and silver habaki

Nagasa 24 cm

Total 35cm

Mihaba 2.13

Kasane 20.3 mm

Mekugi ana 2

This is a very unusual one. Hamon is reminiscent of Tamba (no) Kami Yoshimichi as in the Sudareba style hamon, ( bamboo curtains or brush strokes)

This is a quote from Markus Sesko on this blade.

Harukuni (Bunka 1804-1818) settsu Suzuki Taira Hachiro Harukuni.

Real name Suzuki Taira Hachiro. Student of Kuroda Takanobu.

There exists a blade with the date signature of the fourth year of kaeri (1851) and the supplement keiki which means " being older than 60 years old.

This being the case this is a new find from this rare smith and being dated 1854 he was older when he forged this than the one previously listed .

Possibly making him closer to 70 years old. £2500  ON SALE

hirazukuri tanto (kieken)with gunome hamon, long yakidashi and itame hada.

Possible Mino blade.

With a later addition meiji

Period brass koshirae and tsunagi.

Now mounted in shirasaya.

Nagasa 18.3 cm

Total  24.5cm

Silver foil habaki (slight damage)

£1000  ON SALE

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