Pleased to announce the launch of a sister website with some of my favourite exclusive items

Dedicatated to the preservation of  fine, exceptional Japanese swords and fittings whilst safeguarding these treasures for future generations.

Average items will always be average, but exceptional will always be desired and cherished.

Please email me for more information

A fellow collector that got a bit carried away

I share the view, held by many, that Japanese

antiques are the finest in the world.

Many of the antiques left Japan from the Meiji period onwards; several to the US and Europe.  Some were taken as souveniers during war time, some were even recovered from museum basements with the collapse of the former Soviet Union, amongst other sources.

It is now our job as custodians to preserve these beautiful objets d'art for future generations.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the above Japanese Swords UK (Nihonto), Japanese sword fittings UK (Tosogu) and Japanese antiques.

All Swords have a 3 day money back guarantee


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